Next Level Book
Next Level Book

Learn Exactly What College Coaches Need You to Understand

Next Level Is a Instant Download PDF Book That Is Perfect for High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches That Want to Understand How to Play College Baseball and Softball.

​Quickly Understand How Financial Aid & Scholarships work.

5 Easy Things to Do to Get College Coaches to Notice You!

Unbiased Advice on Whether to Hire a Recruiting Service.

An All-American Shares What Successful Student Athletes Do.

​D1, D2, D3, NAIA, or Juco. Which Level is Your Best Fit?

Regina J.
"My goal for 2019 is to have every player on my team complete SwingFit and show documented growth in times and reps."
Champaign Blue Ice Fastpitch Softball, Champaign, IL
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Major League Baseball
National Fast Pitch

Get a Quick Understanding of the Ins-and-Outs of College Baseball & Softball, and Get a Leg-Up on the Best Scholarships and Teams

College Baseball Team

Next Level is designed to get you up to speed quickly on playing baseball and softball in college. Avoid the common mistakes, know what college recruiters are looking for, and get the best scholarships and financial aid for your athlete. 

    Mitch Haniger
    "Now I take the swing I want with every at bat. I brought Coach Lisle in because of his knowledge of swing mechanics and his attention to detail. I love the results."
    IF, Chicago Cubs, World Series Champion
    Regina J.
    "I have worked with many incredible hitting minds, Coach Matt Lisle being at the top of that list. The immediate improvement hitters see after working with him is unprecedented."
    C Ohio State, 3 Time All-American
    Marie Thomason
    "I know that there are MLB players that have really had there swing revamped by Lisle. I’m one of them. Matt helped me a ton."
    OF, Seattle Mariners, All-Star

    Ready to Understand the World of College Baseball and Softball?

    Power Series





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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is this a physical book or digital one?
      This is a digital PDF book, delivered instantly to your inbox after your order. 
    • How do I access my book?

      Immediately after ordering, you'll be emailed instructions on how to access your book. Sometimes the emails may take up to 15 minutes to be delivered, so if you haven't seen it after that, please contact us at 

    • Is this book for baseball or softball?
      This book works for both collegiate baseball and softball, as the processes are very similar. We'll point out any nuanced differences between the approaches, but for the most part, playing in college is the same for both sports. 
    • Do you offer refunds?
      If this book doesn't live up to your expectations, we are happy to refund your membership, no questions asked. Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days no refunds can be processed. Please contact us at